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Cu-bearing Stainless Steel Firstly Applied for Urological Diseases ...
Live/dead staining of adherent Escherichia Coli on the surfaces of 316L-CuSS and 316LSS after 8 and 24h co-cultures The biomaterials research group led by Prof. YANG Ke from IMR, CAS, firstly applied a novel Cu-bearing stainless steel with multi-biofunctions for relieving the ureteral stricture, aiming to reduce...
· Research Progress on Catalytic Chemoselective Hydrogenati... [2016-11-09]
· Prof. Ke Lu Named TMS Fellow [2016-11-04]
· Prof. Arumugam Manthiram from the University of Texas at ... [2016-10-26]
· Prof. Michael Schuetze from DECHEMA-Forschungsinstitut Vi... [2016-10-25]
· Prof. Pavol Sajgalík, the President of Slovak Academy of... [2016-10-25]
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