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Hydrothermal Carbon Enriched with Oxygenated Groups from Biomass as...
Oxygenated groups enriched carbocatalysts with different size and morphology were synthesized via hydrothermal carbonization from glucose. The oxygen functional groups enriched carbon materials with relatively larger surface area were prepared via hydrothermal carbonization by Dr. WEN Guodong, Prof. TIAN Zhijian and Prof. SU Dangsheng...
· Researchers Lower Coefficient of Friction in Cu Alloy wit... [2016-12-26]
· Cu-bearing Stainless Steel Firstly Applied for Urological... [2016-11-22]
· Research Progress on Catalytic Chemoselective Hydrogenati... [2016-11-09]
· Prof. Ke Lu Named TMS Fellow [2016-11-04]
· Prof. Arumugam Manthiram from the University of Texas at ... [2016-10-26]
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