Member of CAS and CAE

Prof. Yukui Zhang is the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Research professor of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).


He obtained his B.S. from Nankai University in 1965, and after that he has been working in DICP, CAS. He worked as the duty director and the director of National Chromatographic R. & A. Center in 1990s. Now he is the expert member for National Key Research Project of Proteins. He is also the duty director-general of China Association for Instrumental Analysis, and the director of Chromatography Branch of Chinese Chemistry Society. He is now an editorial board member of Anal. Chem..


Prof. Zhang’s research is focused on the fundamental, new techniques and methods for chromatography. He developed systematic thermodynamic and kinetic research methods for chromatography, and made great contribution to the establishment of expert systems for liquid chromatography. In capillary electrophoresis field, he found the rules by studying the effect of operation parameters and molecular structure of solutes on the migration, and was one of the pioneer researchers in capillary electrochromatography in China. In recent study, with the consideration of great requirements put forward by important application fields, he has been working on the development of new techniques for both qualitative and quantitative proteome study.


Prof. Zhang has published over 500 papers, written 7 books and applied more than 50 patents. He also has brought up over 30 Ph.D. students. Some of them are promoted to professors now, and some are the elites in instrumental companies, who are playing important roles in fundamental study, application and developments, as well as industrialization in analytical chemistry fields.