Member of CAS and CAE
Professor Quan Yuan received his BE degree of Chemical Engineering at Zhejiang University in 1956 and his Master’s degree at Petroleum Institute of CAS in 1960, respectively. Since then, he has been a research scientist in DICP till now. During 1990 to 1994, he served as the president of DICP. He has rich research experiences on separation engineering and reaction engineering for more than 50 years. Professor Yuan was elected as an academician of CAS in 1991. He has also developed many technologies including deuteroxide distillation, fuel cell, synthesis of 6-APA, methanation and desulfurization. He also made plenty of researches on catalysis theory and engineering of which the work won the National Award of Natural Sciences. Currently, he is working on the research of Microchemical Engineering & Technology. He has supervised more than 30 graduate students and published more than 80 peer reviewed papers.