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Prof. CHENG Huiming wins Utz-HellmuthFelcht Award by SGL Group–The Carbon Company 2015/08/06
Up for the challenge? China to journey to the Mariana Trench 2015/07/27
Hadal Lander to conduct application in Mariana Trench 2015/07/23
Transition of dislocation nucleation induced by local stress concentration in a nanotwinned metal 2015/07/22
CSR Delegation Visits IOCAS Concerning RV KEXUE and ROV FAXIAN 2015/07/07
Highly active cobalt oxide catalysts by in situ oxidation of carbon-encapsulated cobalt in hydroc... 2015/06/23
Today Nature Publishes the Review Paper "Pacific Western Boundary Currents and Thei... 2015/06/18
Sino-British project Agribot kick off 2015/06/17
IDDRG2015 Conference was held in Shanghai 2015/06/15
Prof. David Tománek from Michigan State University Visits IMR 2015/06/15
Prof. William J. Weber from University of Tennessee Visits IMR 2015/06/11
The 8th International Symposium on Marine Sciences of Yellow Sea and East C... 2015/05/15
Prof. Martin Stratmann, the President of Max Planck Society Visits IMR 2015/05/07
Scholar of IOCAS Conducted Collaborative Research with Hokkaido University<... 2015/04/27
Discovery of Full Flux-closures in Ferroelectrics 2015/04/17
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